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Admission will be allowed to the students having extra ordinary intelligence who could undergo a task of Hifz-e-Quraan without much mental strain. Those who fall to grasp within the prescribe period will be transferred to general education department. People should try your fortune book of ra online casino no deposit bonus. To achieve the target of Hifz-e-Quraan we have been lucky enough to have the services of very competent and devoted teachers who have not only the masterly command over the memorize Quran but are also well-versed with child psychology. After successful completion of Hifz-e-Quraan, these students will be able to complete their primary classes with in a short time of two years for keeping pace with general students group without any or the minimum loss of time.

Quranic Education

  • Hifz-e-Quraan

Of all the Blessing of Allah knowledge is the best and greatest of all His favors. Superiority in knowledge is the source of intellectually domination; economic prosperity; social stability; political triumph and military supremacy for the nation. The Holy Quran is the real and heavenly source of knowledge as well as a supreme code of guidance for all walks of life. One blessed with the Quranic knowledge, is the best gifted soul that has motivated us to establish the department of Hifz-e-Quraan, as it is the first and the for most gateway to the veracious knowledge, worthy of metamorphosing the man into venerable humanity, to achieve exaltation in this mundane life and eternal reward in the hereafter.


For the correct pronunciation of QuraAn and for precise and proper recitation of the last-revealed book, THE ARQAM SCHOOLS
has made special arrangement in its educational set-up simultaneously with general education. It is sure to save the parents from many physical and financial troubles that they usually undergo for the basic education of their offspring.

  • Oral Recitation of Quran

It is compulsory for every student. It is started from prep class and it is completed in Class IV, where as in Class V, the revision of the whole Quraan is carried out.

Nursery Class & General Education

During the utmost busy life of today, the parents have almost no time to attend their children properly to rear and train them ideally. THE ARQAM SCHOOLS
has come forward to fill this gap between the affectionate parents and their beloved children and has undertaken the responsibility of managing the affairs of the young once in the light of the latest techniques of the child-care. The grouping of children, for sports and education is completed after a careful study of the psychology of each child. During the training of children in nursery classes, fun, play and education gets combined with teaching models.

Computer Lab

It is the age of science and technology, which has brought a tremendous revolution in all the fields of life, particularly in the field of communication. Electronic devices have turned this world into altogether different and wonderful one, undreamt by the past man, Computer has proved to be a miraculous device, substituting the human brain and being used in every field of life, such as, General Education, Medical Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Banking, Accounts, Publication, Designing and even in Military & Defense. Thus, it has become the dire need of the time to impart computer education to every student. The Arqam School
fully appreciates the importance of computer literacy and thus, has established a splendid computer Lab, worthy of its caliber, and well-equipped with the latest equipment. It is compulsory for all the students of Class III and those of higher classes, to receive computer education. Children learn theory and perform the practical with keen interest. They eagerly attend these periods and use the computer to the best interest of their subject and mental aptitude.

Library (Reading Room)

A library has been established to inculcate the taste for literature, in the students according to their aptitude to meet the needs of real intellectual and moral development. Apart from books, the library is furnished with magazines, educational video games, video poems and stories etc. The books for the library are very carefully and vigilantly selected and purchased, as to make the students ideologically as well as practically, the staunch and observant Muslims.

Character Building And Ideological Grooming

Discipline make the character enriched with the qualities of a well-schooled person. The central motto of The Arqam School is to introduce thoroughly a modern education system, inwardly woven to a form of discipline, based of Islamic values and concepts of patriotism. It would enable a student to develop the best form of personal behavior combined with Islamic etiquettes. Thus character foundation will be made for the child to become in future, a good citizen in general and an ideal Muslim in particular so that the individual may represent the Millat-e-Islamia to the rest of the world with all the inherent dignity and glory of Islam.

Health Education & Physical Training

Man is influenced by his surrounding, at every stage of life, particularly in childhood. A neat, clean, spacious and beautiful environment breeds in the personality of a child the positive characteristics. The Arqam School is working to create such an atmosphere, which is conducive to the intellectual and moral growth of a child accordingly. The Arqam School has arranged to incorporate in the education curriculum, games and drill periods, providing light exercise to the student.

Science laboratories

For the proper education of science subjects, a well-equipped laboratory has been established. In consonance with syllabus, relevant science-apparatus is always kept at the disposal of the students for conducting the experiments, the students, during their performance in laboratory, are very ambitious.